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3 Reasons To Keep An Allergy Diary
The best way to figure out what will work the best for you and your family is to keep a health journal that chronicles food intake and illness. There are many advantages to keeping a health journal, including:
1 It Will Help You Notice Patterns: If you (and your kids!) occasionally get allergy symptoms, bowel disturbances, skin rashes, have trouble sleeping or other health troubles, keeping a journal will help you notice factors that could trigger your symptoms.

You might notice that you don’t sleep well or are led off track after eating certain foods and feel better after eating others. You’ll be much more likely to figure out what they are if you are tracking your food intake. If you know this ahead of time, you can work to prevent it by avoiding the circumstances that cause it.
2 Helps You Stay On Track: Keeping a health diary provides a layer of accountability and a reason to stay on track. If you really want to stay accountable, discuss your journal with friends so you are also accountable to others and you’ll get encouragement and support along the way.
3 Better Doctor Visits: From a medical standpoint, having a detailed health diary is very helpful in cases of illness or allergy to pinpoint cause. Symptoms can change over time and it is easy to forget details when speaking with your doctor. A health diary gives you an easy way to go back and reference when you have a reaction to get better support and referrals. This also helps doctors see objectively over time how changes have affected your health and how your health has improved.
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What Alliapp can do for you?
alliapp allergy and health tracker
A simple way to track your allergies and get the support you need
Developed with leading doctors and scientists to make the most out of your next appointment
Never lose your reaction history and keep real-time information like dates, times, photos, symptom details and ingredients
Discover expert allergy tips to improve self care
Add multiple profiles for your family to conveniently save their allergy history in one place
The data is private and safely stored on your phone only
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We make our customers happy
"This really is an excellent app. I use AlliApp to record my reactions and symptoms. It's the best app of its kind that I've used so far. I like the intuitive simplified interface. It's pretty quick and easy to capture logs, so I actually do it. I have already started to see patterns based on my logs and I am so happy I will finally have real data to present to my doctor!" - iOS App Store 5 Star Review
"Getting into the habit of logging your symptoms improves allergy care. It gives clinicians more information so they can make better decisions. Alliapp does this best. We recommend the app in all referral letters to our allergy clinic." - Dr J Abraham, Paediatric Consultant (Allergy), NHS Hospital
"We are very impressed with the potential this innovation offers." - NHS England Innovations Team
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